Asagi is the sister chosen by Aoi when Maria asked her to choose a capable sister to help herself and Aoi fight and take the Witchblade from Masane.


Asagi Reacting

Asagi reacting to Masane's fight in ep.22

She is also equipped with the dual Cloneblade.She acts calmly but without any interest in her role, a behavior reflected in her physical appearance as well, often questioning for what or who Maria is acting, and what she really wants, which often earns a scolding from Aoi. For this very reason, Maria kills her by impaling her. Asagi is the only Cloneblade in the entire anime that doesn't fight (she does fight some exCons, but this isn't shown).


Asagi Cloneblade

Asagi's Cloneblade form.

Her cloneblade armor is black and blue.


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