This is a Selection of CDs, that refers to the "witchblade"-Universe:

Songs of the Witchblade: A Soundtrack to the Comic BooksEdit

On 8 September 1998 in the United States released the CD Songs of the Witchblade: A Soundtrack to the Comic Books. This is a collection of songs that were written for this CD or sometimes rewritten to bring the listener to the atmosphere of the comics nourisher.

The concept is best to describe as musical, the impression is enhanced by design features such as:

  • The content of the song describes character/episodes from the series.
  • The names of the singers are "embodied" with the image of the character placed on the back of the envelope next to the track list.
  • The pieces, mostly from Babes in Toyland will be joined by a speaker's comments.

Special features of the CDEdit

  • The booklet that came with different covers of the book series on the inside as a background.
  • The cover of the booklet, the front of which is available in 3 different versions.
  • The hidden track, in which the speaker ends the CD.

Character and SingerEdit


  1. Overtura: Astroantiquity/Attacatastrophy
  2. Go To Sleep
  3. Saraphrenia
  4. I'll Get Even
  5. Mater Dolorosa
  6. Kill This Distraction, Kill Your Reaction
  7. The Murderess
  8. Blue Valiant
  9. Bruxaria
  10. The Bataglia Suite: Pezzini La Virago/ Wallow/ Assassin
  11. I Put A Spell On You
  12. Finale Apocalypticraft/Tunnel
  13. Witchy Woman

Witchblade: The MusicEdit

2005 appeared Witchblade: The Music. This sampler contains several songs from the TV series, as well as remixes of some of the songs used in.