Conundrum is the second episode of the first season of the TNT television series Witchblade.

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Sara and her new partner, Jake McCartey, investigate when skeletal remains are found carefully posed in a downtown park.

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  • Nottingham says, 'cherchez le femme'. This phrase originated in the 1864 Alexandre Dumas novel 'The Mohicans of Paris'. The implication of the line is that whenever there is trouble, a woman is behind it; to solve any problem, look for that woman.
  • Karen is saved from the python and Jake sees the large plastic barrels of chemicals with the clear 'caustic hazard' symbol. However, the symbol is the Canadian one, not what you would see in the USA.
  • In the morgue, the M.E. says the bones looked compressed and then drinks from a blue paper cup. That cup is a New York City icon. The 'Anthora', or 'We Are Happy To Serve You', paper cup was designed in 1963 to appeal to the ubiquitous Greek coffee shops of NYC at that time. In the 70s, 80s, and 90s it was the coffee cup of Manhattan.

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