The Facehugger is a parasitoid form of the species Xenomorph that hatches from an Ovomorph. It is the second stage in the Xenomorph's life cycle, and exists solely to implant a Chestburster within a host creature via their mouth. It appears in Mindhunter crossover comic.

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he Facehugger greatly resembles a pair of skeletal hands fused together, with a spine-like tail. It has eight long, finger-like legs which allow it to crawl rapidly, and a long tail adapted for making great leaps. These particular appendages give it an appearance somewhat comparable to Chelicerate arthropods such as arachnids and horseshoe crabs. The underside of the Facehugger and its orifice (from which extends a proboscis used for delivering the Xenomorph embryo) noticeably resemble a human female's vagina.

A Facehugger's long digits allow it to move rapidly across all manner of surfaces and also grant the creature its crucial ability to "grip" a host's head during implantation. The spindly appearance of these digits should not be underestimated; they are incredibly strong, and have been known to tear the skin from the skulls of human victims when an attempt is made to remove them. Once the digits are gripped around a host's head, they are nigh impossible to remove and implantation is virtually guaranteed. A Facehugger's tail can propel the creature into huge leaps and is also used for additional grip around a host's neck during implantation. Facehuggers have even been known to use their tail to strangle potential hosts when attempts are made to remove them, sometimes fatally. Their potent acid blood further complicates any attempt at removal. Facehuggers are primarily beige in color, giving them a skin-like appearance.

Situated on either side of the creature's body at the base of the tail are a pair of bag-like bladder structures that are used to circulate air into the victims lungs during implantation. Underneath the Facehugger is a small orifice, from which the creature will extend a lengthy proboscis into the host's throat for implantation. While fragile and useless in combat, Facehuggers' small size and rapid movement makes them adept at ambushing potential hosts, and also makes them difficult to kill. Facehuggers have been known to be used in an actively offensive role when transported by a Carrier.

Prior to detecting a host, Facehuggers are actually inert and lifeless within their Ovomorph. When the Egg detects a host nearby, it will transfer all of the remaining bio-electric potential of its acidic blood to the Facehugger, and it is only then that the creature becomes "alive". The Egg will then open and the creature will launch itself at the victim.

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Mindhunter Edit

Multiple facehuggers appear in Kenneth Irons (Mindhunter) alternate future simulation were they attack and eventually latch on Sara Pezzini and Jackie Estacado. Another one latches on onto a Darkling creating a Darkalien.

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