"The girl thought she could control the Witchblade as she did you. Instead it bonded to the rage and violence in her soul."
Simyon describing Kaylie to Sara. [src]

Kaylie is a mutant appearing in Top Cow and Marvel crossover, Witchblade/Wolverine.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Kaylie was a mutant living with her father in USA. At some point, Kaylie's father became a federal witness against a gangster, Simyon Lebedev. After finding out about this, Simyon kills her father, but Kaylie manages to escape this fate by hiding in Xavier's Institute.

Witchblade/Wolverine Edit

Some time later, Kaylie tracked down Sara Pezzini and takes the Witchblade from her in order to kill Simyon. She also erases her's and Wolverine's memory, who comes looking for Kaylie. Kaylie then leaves them a suitcase full of money to create a better life for themselves. Unfortunately, Kaylie is possessed by the Witchblade causing her to become Simyon's bodyguard.

Simyon then tracks down Sara and Wolverine to a local casino in Las Vegas and attacks Wolverine who gets knocked out. He then orders Kaylie to force Sara to jump from a ledge and kill herself. As Sara gets on the ledge, she refuses to jump, forcing Lebedev to pull out his gun on her. Logan then recovers from the gunshot wounds and attacks the gangsters. The two take down most of Lebedev's men, but Logan is subdued by Kaylie. As she prepares to kill him, Sara covers him with her own body and then reclaims the Witchblade from her. Wolverine then proceeds to kill Lebedev and while Kaylie is placed under observation in Desert Palms hospital.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Mnemokinesis: Kaylie can manipulate the memories of individuals. She seems to able to erase or implant false memories into a person's mind.
    • Memory Implantation: Kaylie was able to implant false memories in both Sara and Wolverine, making them to believe that they were a couple.
    • Mental Amnesia: Kaylie was able to erase both Sara's and Wolverine's memories. Although this process seems to be not permanent as they both were able to regain their previous memories. 
  • Witchblade: After taking the Witchblade from Sara, Kaylie gain access to various abilities.
    • Shapeshifting: With the help of the Witchblade, Kaylie could cover herself in spiky armor. She could also form spikes, spiky appendages and even a lifesize model of Sara out of the Witchblade.

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