Legion is the fifth episode of the first season of the TNT television series Witchblade.

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The police arrest a troubled young man, Edward Nolan, for the murder of Monsignor Joe Bellamy. Except for Sara, the police are convinced that he is guilty. She is not ready to assign guilt so quickly, particularly when another priest, Father Del Toro, suggests that Nolan may be possessed.

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  • Jake is angry because 'priest killer' Nolan will, "probably plead insanity and do soft time, if he doesn't walk altogether". TV and movie writers love the 'plead insanity' trope. In the real world being found innocent on the grounds of insanity means being found violently insane. Involuntarily committed psych patients have almost no legal and civil rights while convicted prison inmates have many. Psych facilities are often more brutally dehumanizing than prison. A psych inmate will on average be locked up far, far longer than a prison inmate.

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