Overkill: Witchblade/Aliens/Darkness/Predator Issue 1 is the first issue of a comic crossover between Top Cow and Dark Horse.

Synopsis Edit

Sara Pezzini's hometown New York City is being visited by some very unexpected guests. It seems Aliens may be looking for a place to hatch their eggs. Jackie Estacado also seems to be looking for something, although what it is, we aren't quite sure of yet. With such powerful forces at the same location, the Predator is sure to be on the hunt for one or all of them as prey.

Characters Edit

Plot Summary Edit

The story opens up with gangsters attacked in a warehouse by a Xenomorph. As the police arrive they're shocked to find the place littered with mutilated corpses.

Elsewhere, Jackie Estacado interrogates a local gangster called Cake. He wants to find out, which ones of his boys killed a man named Frankie Mancini. After some pressure, Cake gives the name to Jackie. Jackie then shoots a shotgun to Cake's crotch, leaving him alive.

Outside, Jackie is met by Sara Pezzini who investigating a spree of murders, involving gangs of Columbians. Sara questions him if he or Frankie Franchetti had something to do with this. Jackie says that he doesn't know anything about these murders and Sara decides to take for a ride. As they drive, a Predator watches them. Both Sara and Jackie feel this and stop, but doesn't see anything watching them. Jackie reveals that something has been affecting Darkness. They both decide to join forces in order to find out what's going on.

Meanwhile, Predator and his Xenomorph attack another group of gangsters. At the hospital, Cake orders his men to find Jackie as someone has been killing their boys.

Elsewhere, Sara notices TV screens picking up Predator mask video feedback. After finding out from Jackie that stores doors lead to warehouses, Sara quickly drives them there. Sara and Jackie go to investigate the warehouse, where they find skinned and hanged corpses. Then suddenly, Sara and Jackie are attacked by the Xenomorph. Sara manages to quickly cut, Xenomorphs hand, forcing the latter to make a run for it. Jackie catches up with the creature and confronts it. Before he can reach the Xenomorph, Jackie is immobilized by bright light, losing his Darkness powers. As Jackie comes back to sense, he sees Predator standing before him. To be continued... 

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