Overkill: Witchblade/Aliens/Darkness/Predator Issue 2 is the first issue of a comic crossover between Top Cow and Dark Horse.

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It's every man, woman and Darkling for themselves as Detective Pezzini and Jackie Estacado confront the mysterious alien force stalking them through the city. The tension grows as high as the body count as Sara and Jackie try to reign in the Predator and its Alien sidekick before it can rip out their respective skulls and put them on the mantelpiece. Join the Witchblade and the Darkness in a modern day retelling of the battle at Rourke's Drift! This is a comic to be hidden from granny, unless you're planning on cleaning up on the insurance.

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The story open up with two detectives asking Jackie as to what happened in the warehouse, as there dozens of mutilated bodies inside. Jackie says that they instead should ask Sara about this.

Few hours earlier, Jackie is confronted by the Predator. Sara comes to his rescue and fights with Predator. She manages to destroy its spear and cut of its arm. Wounded, the Predator escapes.

Meanwhile, Cake is informed that his henchmen have found Jackie. He was spotted walking into a warehouse with an unknown woman.

Back at the warehouse, Jackie and Sara go after the Predator. Sara ponders if Witchblade and Darkness has come into contact with these creatures before. Then they are ambushed by the Predator and the Xenomorph. The Predator dazes Jackie with a flashbang and kidnaps him, leaving Sara alone to deal with the Xenomorph.

Elsewhere, Predator brings Jackie to his hideout and ties him to a table. He then puts a probe down Jackie's butt.

Back at the warehouse, Sara kills the Xenomorph. She is then confronted by Cake and his gang. He threatens her into leading them to Jackie. Sara decides to comply.

Meanwhile, Jackie curses and threatens the Predator, who cloaks. Sara brings the gangsters to Predators hideout, finding Jackie in delicate situation, much to Cake's amusement. The gangsters are then attacked by the Predator, while Sara frees Jackie. The Predator shoots Sara with a plasma caster, knocking her away. Then enraged Jackie rips apart both Cake and Predator. As the Predator dies, he sends out a homing beacon, alerting other Predators to his fate. The other Predators arrive in front of Sara and Jackie. Their leader shows a brief vision of both theirs and Witchblades history. The Predators then take their fallen comrade and disappear.

Into present, the detectives question Sara as to what to do with Jackie. Sara orders them to let him go. To be continued...

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