"There you are Bella! Come I want you in my arms at midnight!"
Pellegrini to Sara Pezzini. [src]

Pellegrini is a character appearing in Mindhunter crossover comic.

Biography Edit

New Year's Eve Edit

Pellegrini met with Sara Pezzini on New Year's Eve in plaza. They danced together and then went to Pellegrini's suite, after Sara nearly fainted.

Inside the suite, Sara and Pellegrini have drink. After Pellgrini takes a sip of his drink, he quickly becomes ill and runs to the bathroom. At that point room service comes into the room, revealed to be Jackie Estacado. Jackie has come to kill Pellegrini. As Pellegrini starts to spit with blood, he hears their conversation and comes out to kill them. As Pellegrini comes out to confront them, both to their shocked a chestburster bursts out through his chest.

Personality Edit

Pellegrini was infamous mobster that had his way with the ladies. Sara expresses that he reminded her of Jackie Estacado.

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