Reiji Takayama (鷹山 澪士 Takayama Reiji) is the Bureau Chief of Douji Group Industries who is the one responsible for employing Masane Amaha to fight-off malfunctioning x-cons, highly technological weapons developed by his own employers and he is usually accompanied by Hiroki Segawa.

Personality Edit

Takayama is a stoic and very stern man who shows little to no expressions at all.

Biography Edit

Takayama is the stoic and shrewd Director of the Special Machines Division at Doji Group Industries who leads his company in the pursuit of understanding and controlling the Witchblade, as well as heading other ill-fated weapons programs.

His career is one of cutthroat corporate intrigue, and his personal life is full of fancy clothes and exquisite food. When Masane Amaha and Rihoko Amaha enter his world, his facade begins to peel back and ultimately falls away.

Takayama seems to have a past relationship with Reina Soho, possibly a sexual one, as it is briefly discussed between himself and Masane that there is a possibility he may be Rihoko's biological father, a point which he says is possible, which he later affirmed completely in Episode 19. They both had worked together before the ground-zero event in doing research on the Witchblade. Initially, Takayama appears to be cynical and cold, but as the anime progresses this proves to be completely false as his relationship with Masane deepens. He and Masane later become romantically involved in episode 19 although, they're already in a sexual relationship in episode 15 however, Takayama didn't answer Masane's question as to why they had sex, she wondered if it's just to comfort her. Masane later attempts to get him and Rihoko closer after learning he is her real father. He is last seen standing with Rihoko at the site of Masane's last fight, watching on as she sacrifices her life.

Etymology Edit

  • The name Reiji means "water route, shipping channel" (澪) (rei) and "samurai, warrior" (士) (ji).
  • Reiji's surname Takayama means "hawk" (鷹) (taka) and "mountain, hill" (山) (yama).
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