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Takeru Ibaraki (茨城 丈流 Ibaraki Takeru) is the chosen wielder of the Witchblade in the Witchblade Takeru manga.


Early Life[]

Takeru is an average 15 year old Japanese high-school girl raised in a Buddhist convent by her grandmother and nuns. She has been experiencing recurring nightmares about the Witchblade calling out to her. This is due to the secret that the temple houses the Witchblade, sealed inside a glass box.

Furthermore, her lineage keeps an unknown connection with the mystic artifact and the folklore of the Oni, hence explaining Takeru's strong attraction to the gauntlet, which is locally called Oni-no-Te (鬼の手, "Demon's Hand").

Ultimately, Takeru's life suffers a drastic change when she becomes the next bearer of the Witchblade, due to some circumstances that force her to randomly encounter it. The manga also sees the introduction of new characters in Takeru's world, including the NswF, Ayama, Kou and some of her other family members. Also, in a strange difference from most Witchblade armors deployments, Takeru's armor crawls up her skin and onto her body.


  • The name Takeru means "length" (丈) (take) and "flow" (流) (ru).
  • Takeru's surname Ibaraki means "thorn" (茨) (ibara) and "castle" (城) (ki).