13 artifacts

13 artifacts

The fate of this world balances upon thirteen objects of power. Thirteen Artifacts, each in the possession of a bearer. Separately, 13 Artifacts guide the fate of the universe. Together, 13 artifacts will end the universe. The 13 artifacts that exist in the Top Cow Universe.

There are 13 artifacts that reside in the Top Cow Universe, said to control the fate of the world. For centuries the 13 Artifacts were unknown, until the events of Broken Trinity The trinity, which refers to the Witchblade, the Darkness and the Angelus, are orbited by the other artifacts and tend to cross paths with them through the centuries. The Curator finally lists all but two of the 13 artifacts and gives Michael Finnegan the task of keeping them separate. During the events of Artifacts, an unknown person captures and reprograms Aphrodite IV with the task of procuring all the artifacts for himself. This unknown figure lists all 13 artifacts and tells Aphrodite IV that he intends to unite all the artifacts and destroy the world with the intent to bring about a new world

The ArtifactsEdit


Wielder: Sara Pezzini[2]

Previously: Danielle Baptiste


Wielders: Jackie Estacado, Capris Castiglione


Wielder: Danielle Baptiste

Previously: Celestine Wright

187271-21662-magdalena super

Wielder: Patience - The Magdalena


Wielder: Ian Nottingham

Previously: Michael Finnegan


Wielder: Michael Finnegan


Wielder: Glorianna Silver[3]

1215946-pandora s box super

Wielder: Unknown


Wielder: Tom Judge


Wielder: Sabine


Wielder: Unknown
Previously: Mr. Black


Wielder: Unknown
Previously: Jake McCarthy

Wielder: Ji Xi

Other Objects of Power Edit

Other entities born from the 13, but not part of the 13.

  • Weave - created when Witchblade and Darkness were wielded by one man.

Wielder: Tarsem Vox

1156991-hope pezzini

No wielder, she's human with unknown powers.

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