The White Bulls were a secret society of vigilante police officers that operated within the New York Police Department in the first season of the Witchblade television series.

Overview Edit

Led by Bruno Dante at the time, they were an antagonistic group for Sara Pezzini, and were the people behind the murder of her adopted father when he was onto them. While it seems like they were crusaders of justice, they were nothing more than profiteers that abused their authority. Whenever they wished to silence somebody in order to obtain more finances or caused them trouble, they would used bullets engraved with a bull that served as their totem, and whenever their bullets were found by members of their organization, they would walk away from the case.

It was believed by Sara's father that the White Bulls were operating within the police department for decades, in a renaissance, led by new recruits. By the end of the first season, it is believed that they were all either killed or apprehended by the FBI after Bruno Dante was killed.

It is revealed that the White Bulls were created by Kenneth Irons to serve him from time to time, as revealed in a flashback by the Witchblade.