"Showdown in space!"
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Witchblade/Aliens/Darkness/Predator: Mindhunter Issue 3 is the second issue of a comic crossover between Top Cow and Dark Horse. It's the sequel story to 1999's Overkill.

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It's the final gauntlet of the ultimate big budget action movie on paper! Jackie (The Darkness) Estacado and Sara(Witchblade) Pezzini have unravelled the mystery of the Mindhunt — but now they must make a last stand for all humanity. They're trapped aboard a shuttlecraft hurtling toward Earth, but they are not alone. Fighting by their side is one mean mutha of a Predator with the power of the Witchblade! It'll take all three "heroes" to stop the unspeakable horror of an Alien-Darkness hybrid!

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The story opens up with Sara and Jackie flying back to Earth on an escape shuttle as they fight the Darkalien. Sara cuts the alien in half, but it manages to instantly heal itself, splattering its acidic blood on them. Jackie manages to quickly protect both of them from it. Meanwhile, Sister Midnight becomes invisible. The Darkalien then tackles Jackie. Jackie then pushes the alien out of the ship into space. The Darkalien tries to get back inside, but is destroyed by sunlight.

As the pair take a breath they're attacked by Sister Midnight. Jackie tries to fight her, but being still in the sunlight is instantly knock back. Sara talks Sister Midnight into dropping her plasma caster away as to not destroy the entire ship. Sister Midnight then pulls out an energy sword and the two lock into fight. The fight is interrupted by Jackie who takes and threatens the Predator with a plasma caster. Sister Midnight then becomes invisible. Seeing as they chance to escape, Jackie grabs Sara and they go deeper into the shuttle. On their way, Irons contacts Sara, mocking her.

As the shuttle returns back to the night side, Jackie can again use his powers. Then the Darkalien returns and attacks Jackie. He urges Sara to escape, but Sister Midnight returns again and helps her. She takes Witchblade in order to be able to match the Darkalien. The Sister Midnight then proceeds to kill Darkalien, suffering major injures. She then returns the Witchblade back to Sara. As Sister Midnight dies because of her wounds, Sara and Jackie gives her an honored death, by activating her gauntlet self-destruction and sending her into space. As they both watch Sister Midnight exploding, Sara ponders about her life.

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