Witchblade/Tomb Rider is a one-shot crossover between Tomb Rider and Witchblade comics series.

Synopsis Edit

Following an intriguing invitation from her friend, Sara Pezzini travels to London to meet Lara, but gets sucked into a plot to summon an ancient Egyptian god.

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Plot Summary Edit

Following an intriguing invitation from her friend, Sara Pezzini travels to London to meet Lara at an event in the British Museum. Upon her arrival Sara witnesses a woman fleeing the scene, stolen artefact in hand. Lara is high on her heels, weapon drawn. She tells Sara to drive her car, a red Aston Martin Volante, to chase after the thieves. While en route, Lara tells Sara that the person who stole the artefact - an Idol of Bastet that Lara herself recovered in Giza - is Genvieve LeCavalier, an Earls widow and wealthy perfumer from the continent, who previously offered Lara money for the relic. When Lara refused to sell the idol, Genvieve took the idol by force.

Lara suspects that the idol is something more than a simple statue. Sara then questions how is this connected to the Witchblade. Lara explains that at the shrine were she and her partner, Buck Ogden, found the idol, they saw a heroglyph portraying the Witchblade. Lara continues her story, telling Sara that when she removed the idol from the pedestal, the shrine guardian attacked them. While Lara manages to escape, Buck gets lock behind in the pyramid.

They then finally catch up with Genvieve, but her men open fire on Sara and Lara, forcing them to drive off the bridge. Using the Witchblade, Sara manages to catch Lara and prevent them from falling to their deaths. The women then track down Genvieve to an old castle, were she proceeds to summon Bastet, much to her surprise. Genvieve is confused as the idol was supposed to empower her, instead of summoning Bastet. She then decides to ask Bastet to keep her out of jail. Bastet accomplishes this by sending her pet lion to kill her.

As Genvieve's men run away, Lara and Sara confront Bastet. Using the Witchblade, Sara incapacitates Bastet's pet lion. Bastet immediately recognizes the Witchblade, having encountered it before. She challenges Sara to one-one fight, but Lara snatches the idol and traps Bastet in it again. Meanwhile, her pet lion turns into a cub and Lara decides to keep it.

Later, Sara and Lara relax in Croft's home. Lara ponders what Bastet meant by saying, that Witchblade took her lover from her. She also names the lion cub after her lost friend Buck. Meanwhile at the pyramid, its guardian assumes Buck's identity.