X-Cons were mechanical monsters manufactured by the Douji Group that Masane fought during the first half of the series.

History Edit

During the cataclysm known as "the Great Quake," they were all accidentally released and have been wandering around ever since. They were camouflaged in human form, but when they sensed power emanating from the Witchblade or a Cloneblade, they revealed their real forms. Similar to the Witchblade and Cloneblades, the Ex-cons lusted for combat. Almost no two were alike and each possessed a different method of fighting. It is later revealed that X-cons were created using male corpses that were signed over to Douji. An x-con that Masane once fought showed signs of trying to resist the urge to kill. Unlike the others, it seemed to still have some of its humanity which it showed when it, in human form, befriended Riko. It is highly possible that they, like the Cloneblades, were derived from the Witchblade as their human forms all have an inactive Cloneblade-like bracelet on the upper part of their arm.

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